About Me

As a seasoned Team (Agile) Coach, I specialize in optimizing business value by expertly guiding individuals, teams, and organizations in the implementation of Agile, Scrum, Lean principles, and methodologies. These practices synergistically boost employee engagement, team performance, and overall organizational productivity. Equipping teams with practical tools and strategies, I empower them to become self-organizing, while maintaining a sustainable pace for continuous growth and development. My deep appreciation for your organization’s potential allows teams to harness opportunities for growth through optimized teamwork, seamless communication, and enhanced collaboration.

By employing systemic coaching techniques, I facilitate the transformation of operational imbalances and external team challenges into productive relationships. This becomes particularly vital in today’s era of hybrid workforces, where employees may work fully or partially remotely. Through tailored coaching strategies, I ensure seamless alignment across all teams, regardless of their chosen work location.

As a Personal Coach, my commitment lies in providing a safe and supportive environment where my clients feel free to share their thoughts and feelings. My approach is focused on fostering self-awareness, allowing my clients to intrinsically motivate themselves to discover and harness their own knowledge and abilities. Recognizing their potential and breaking through self-imposed limitations is an integral part of my coaching.

With over 30 years of extensive experience spanning various domains, including government (DJI, ICTU, DUO, RWS), retail (Albert Heijn Delhaize), banking (ING), industry (Shell, DuPont, Elf Petroland), mail order (PostNL), telecom (KPN), internet (KPN, Tele2, Telfort), and content platform provision (Foleon), I have honed my knowledge and expertise.

My coaching services are meticulously designed to deliver tangible results and desired outcomes. My pragmatic approach prioritizes effective communication (listening, understanding, and articulation) at every level of your organization, ensuring a holistic and impactful coaching experience.

Being an ICF Certified Professional Coach (PCC) with versatile experience, I warmly invite you to consult my LinkedIn profile.

Wendell Sr. Pengel

Wendell Sr. Pengel