Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Thanks to the valuable feedback from my esteemed clients, I can proudly say that my coaching sessions have been effective and transformative for them. I am deeply grateful for the positive impact my coaching has had on their lives and the transformations they have undergone.

As a Personal Coach, I am committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where my clients feel free to share their thoughts and feelings. My approach focuses on fostering self-awareness, so my clients become intrinsically motivated to explore and harness their own knowledge and capabilities. Recognizing their potential and breaking self-imposed limitations is an integral part of my coaching.

Each coaching session is tailor-made to meet the unique needs of my clients. I help them trust their intuition and believe in themselves. During our interaction between insight and behavior, opportunities for change are uncovered, and strategies are developed to deal with obstructive thought patterns.

I fully support and guide my clients during their learning process of self-awareness and self-discovery. I am their neutral sparring and accountability partner, enabling them to achieve personal and professional goals. I offer an objective perspective on every situation, helping them view things from diverse angles, reform negative thought processes, and become their best selves.

The feedback from my clients has helped me further enhance my coaching sessions. I encourage them to arrive at insights independently, and I am there to support them throughout their personal journey. The positive influence of coaching is recognized in both work and personal aspects.

I am sincerely grateful for the transformations my clients have experienced and for the valuable experiences we have shared together. It is my passion to help others grow, and I look forward to guiding more individuals on their journey to success and personal growth.

Would you like to discover how my coaching sessions can also help you exceed your expectations and achieve your full potential? Feel free to send me a message to schedule an initial online meeting. Let’s embark on defining your life goals clearly and begin the journey towards transformation.

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The personal coaching sessions with Wendell I have experienced as confronting and effective. His approach fits well with how I work myself, looking for solving the (underlying) problem and how to change it.

It was certainly nice that Wendell also quickly figured out how to approach me, what works and what doesn’t. Not a one-size-fits-all approach and that was exactly what I needed.

I found it pleasant that he also has a multicultural background, just like me. A nice advantage that occasionally things are placed in a focussed manner without thinking in boxes or attaching labels.

What I mainly take away from the sessions are the insights into how my system works, is well versed in what my values are and why those values are so important. Thank you Wendell for helping me with another crucial step in both my personal and professional development.

Ashna Roeplal

Business Process Manager, Nationale-Nederlanden, THE NETHERLANDS

I have benefited a lot from the coaching. Now, weeks after my last session, I still think a lot about what I learned and I can apply it concretely. I owe this to the way Wendell coaches. He ensures that you independently come to insights.

Rosa Dekker

Project Manager, Ahold Delhaize, THE NETHERLANDS

This was my first personal coaching trajectory. Expressing the starting point of my life purpose in a clear, pure and concrete way has led to a very special unexpected beautiful transformation.

My inner strength and compass have been strengthened. It changed me inside and I would never have achieved this personal transformation without the personal coaching. Thank you for this precious gift!

Marysol Rodriguez

Manager Training & Development, Kooyman, CURAÇAO

I have experienced Wendell’s coaching as effective and very pleasant. The sessions exceeded my high expectations. I was challenged and supported to better understand myself and develop a plan to move forward on my own.

Whether it is work related or personal, the coaching has a positive influence on how I deal with challenges in life.

Dean Tokarijo

Software Quality Consultant, Salves, THE NETHERLANDS

Wendell is a wonderful personal coach who guided me through an amazing personal journey. Throughout the whole way he was supportive, thoughtful, dedicated and respectful. His coaching helped me grow in many aspects of my life and laid out a stable foundation for further development. I am deeply thankful and am sincerely recommending Wendell’s services!

Aneliya Evtimova

Agile Lead, Ahold Delhaize, THE NETHERLANDS